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Address files at branch level

B2B Adressen gives you access to more than 100 databases with business addresses, including address files at branch level. Compose your ideal mailinglist based on industry. The data within the databases is constantly updated and annually checked, enriched and updated through telemarketing.

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A total of over 125,000 companies are active in the building industry. This mainly concerns smaller companies. A lot of freelancers are employed in the construction industry. For example, about 70% of companies have the legal form sole proprietorship.

The ICT sector with 53,500 addresses has been working on above-average growth in recent years. The growth is mainly caused by many smaller companies that are involved in designing and building websites and optimizing search engine marketing. The branch is characterized by many small companies. Only 7% of companies have five or more employees.

Almost 700,000 people work in 100,000 stores in Dutch retail. This makes the retail trade the largest employer in the Netherlands. Retail turnover in 2016 was over 100,000 billion. Across the European Union, around 31 million people work in retail outlets in 6.2 million companies with a total turnover of more than € 2,200 billion.

Although a large number of companies (310,000) are covered by financial services, this mainly concerns management and retirement companies that have no economic activity outside the management of funds. The associated operating companies belong to other market sectors.

115,000 addresses can be delivered within the health and welfare sector, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers, dental practices, but also home care and local welfare work.

A total of more than 70,000 companies are active in the wholesale sector. This mainly concerns smaller companies.

Within the catering industry 38,000 addresses can be supplied such as hotels, hotel restaurants, guest houses and conference centers, but also canteens, contract catering and cafés.

A total of about 50,000 companies are active in the industry. There can be selected very specifically within the industry.

Companies with a home office are also called SOHO (Small Office Home Office). 70% of the SOHOs have the legal form of one-man company. More than 70% actually work alone, the other SOHO’s have 1, 2 or 3 employees. In total there are about 185,000 SOHO’s.

The most commonly used definition of SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprisesis) is based on companies between 5 and 200 employees. In total this concerns about 150,000 companies.

This directory with 68,000 addresses from schools offers the possibility to reach the right person within the right educational institution. The possible selections include ordinary education or special education. In addition, various names of officers are available for many schools, such as directors, internal supervisors, ICT coordinators, section chairpersons, deans and team leaders.

This segment contains no less than 55,000 addresses. The companies within this database are constantly updated based on many different sources. The data of the larger companies in the real estate sector are also checked, enriched and updated annually by means of telemarketing.

The personal service is a sector in which many companies carry out their activities from home and thus also have their home business. This applies to almost 30% of the total number of companies that are active in this sector. In total, in concerns over 55,000 companies, including ± 50,000 one-man businesses, 2,100 companies and 4,000 partners under company. This mainly concerns smaller companies. Only about 3,500 companies have more than 5 employees.

Within the sector sports and recreation, a total of approximately 50,000 addresses are available and sports facilities, sports clubs, tourist offices, dance schools, zoos, theaters and theaters can be selected.

This sector with 42,500 addresses covers a fairly wide range of different sectors including freight transport by road and the travel industry

Business services is the sector in which by far the majority of Dutch people work in. In total, there are 247,500 companies, including ± 140,000 one-man businesses and 90,000 private companies. This mainly concerns smaller companies.

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