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Email addresses

Would you like to approach prospects via e-mail? B2B Addresses has opt-in e-mail files where you can make selections to put together the right target group. This allows you to select on specific activities, descision makers, regions and number of emplyees.

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E-mail addresses by function

The (opt-in) e-mail addresses from these files come from various reputable publishers of various business brands and websites. The total file is the largest file with opt-in e-mail addresses on the Dutch market. Post addresses and other data are not available. The file is therefore only intended and suitable for e-mail campaigns.

24,000 e-mail addresses of commercial managers, commercial directors, sales managers, sales managers, sales directors, account managers, sales representatives, etc.

140,000 e-mail addresses of directors, owners, freelancers, general directors, CEOs, financial directors, CFOs, sales directors, marketing directors, CIOs, operations directors, board members and management teams, etc.

6,500 e-mail addresses of facility managers, food & beverage managers, logistics managers, facility staff, etc.

19,000 e-mail addresses of financial managers, accounting heads, administrative staff, controllers, accountants, credit managers, finance analysts, risk managers, tax specialists, etc.

44,000 e-mail addresses of HR managers, HR advisers, recruiters, HR staff, recruitment managers, health and safety employees, etc.

18,000 e-mail addresses of buyers, purchasing managers, contract managers, senior buyers, procurement officers, operational buyers and junior buyers.

40,000 email addresses of CIOs, IT managers, IT heads, IT consultants, network managers, network specialists, webmasters, database managers, developers, network administrators, system administrators, support specialists, IT employees, etc.

16,500 e-mail addresses of lawyers, company lawyers, labor lawyers, bailiffs, legal advisers, compliance, legal assistants, notaries, candidate notaries, etc.

22,500 email addresses of marketing managers, marketing directors, marketing analysts, marketing coordinators, marketing communication specialists, online marketers, database marketers, channel marketers, product managers, brand managers, etc.

6,500 e-mail addresses of office management/ secretariat.

52,000 e-mail addresses of financial professionals, accountants, tax advisers and other professionals.

200,000 e-mail addresses of SME’s.

E-mail addresses by activity

Email addresses can also be selected based on market segment or industry. You can select a target group in detail to approach the market in the most targeted way possible. Examples of market segments:

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Industry
  • Production/ distribution
  • Construction industry
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Transport and Storage
  • Catering industry
  • Information and communication
  • Financial Institutions
  • Rental of real estate
  • Advice and research
  • Rental of movable property
  • Government services
  • Education
  • Health and welfare care
  • Culture
  • Sport and recreation
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Important for e-mailings

Sending emailings

There is only an ‘opt-in’ when individuals have explicitly given permission to send them relevant information. The anti-spam legislation also stipulates that only the file owner is allowed to send the e-mailings. Therefore E-mail addresses are not handed over. As a user of these e-mail addresses, you must provide an HTML page and a subject line so that the file owner can send the e-mail at the agreed time.


2 days after the shipment and 2 weeks after the shipment, you will receive reports in which the results of the e-mailing will be presented;

  •      Number of e-mails sent
  •      Number of ‘opens’
  •      Number of clicks per link



For sending an e-mail campaign a minimum order amount of € 1250.00 excl. VAT applies (depending on the file owner).


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