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Improve results by focusing on marketsegments where you are most successful

With your direct marketing you naturally want to reach the right target group for the highest possible response. Determine your most promising target group with a file analysis of B2B Adressen.

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Analysis on your customer base

With the analyzes on your customer base of B2B Adressen, you can see at a glance which sectors you can best target with certain DM actions. In addition to sectors, the region may also be important. A GIS map (geographic information system) indicates per region how your sales and / or marketing actions performed. A good tool for, for example, sales managers who go over multiple districts.

Advice on target groups at B2B Adressen

B2B Adressen is an expert in target group advice. Together with you, we continuously optimize your target group so that the response to DM actions is structurally improved. Describing and identifying your target group is an ongoing process in which organizations lapse, but also the interesting newcomers on the market are not overlooked.

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