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Updating and enriching customer and prospect files

Accurate, up-to-date and complete company data gives you an optimal return on investment. B2B Adressen has the latest address mutations for you and enriches your customer and prospect files with additional data.

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File update

After one year files with business addresses show about 30 percent wrong data. Not surprising, because about 15 percent of the companies in the Netherlands move annually. Also more than 25 per cent of the decision-makers of companies change annually. Therefore periodic updates are indispensable for effective communication.

File enrichment

Many companies only register general company details of new customers. While for marketing purposes more information is needed. B2B Addresses expands your existing information with additional data such as an activity code, legal form, employee class and much more. With additional features of your customers you can do more focused marketing campaigns.

Always up-to-date company information

Number of addresses of organizations
Total amount of decision-makers
Total amount of telephone numbers

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